By Brian Wilbur Thanks for your patience over the last couple of months as I counted down my list of the 100 greatest heavyweights of all time. "The Babyfaced Assassin" is one of several active Mexican fighters who have earned "legendary" status (joining the previously listed Erik Morales as well as Juan Manuel Marquez, who barely missed the list). 4 Manny Pacquiao Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines. A beautifully skilled ring technician, he is a seven-time champion across four weight divisions. He was heavily favored over a young Cassius Clay, who "shook up the world" by beating Liston, and then was defeated by Clay on a "phantom punch" in the rematch in less than two minutes. Some of them enlightened their names as the famous boxers in the ring, some of them became legend in the history book. Some of them enlightened their names as the famous boxers in the ring, some of them became legend in the history book. If Manny Pacquiao is the greatest weight climber under 150 pounds, Mickey Walker gives Roy Jones, Jr. a run for his money as probably the greatest weight climber above 150. Divisions: Light Heavyweight (175), Heavyweight (200+). He possessed lightning-quick reflexes, often fighting with his hands at his side, much like his modern countryman Sergio Martinez. But slightly before that stretch ended, Charles faced a young opponent named Sam Baroudi, who later died due to injuries sustained in his loss to Charles. The legendary "Gentleman Jim" Corbett had the fewest wins of any boxer on this list because he had such a low activity rate. With his 14-1 record in world title fights, it is somewhat unfortunate that Michael Spinks is most famous among casual fans for the first round KO loss to Mike Tyson that led to Spinks' retirement. Foreman was a much better boxer the second time around. Canzoneri never had a huge winning streak but always was a formidable fighter who obviously had a great deal of success throughout his career. Just 51, he suffers from an incurable, degenerative neurological condition and has forgotten most of his career. The top 25 greatest boxers of all time may have earned different titles and championships - but have one thing in common: they own the ring. The world would be a boring place if everyone had the same opinion, right? He was also part of some of the largest early bouts in boxing history, with his wins over Jimmy McLarnin and Tony Canzoneri both drawing crowds of about 50,000. A six-time champion across four weight classes—lightweight, welterweight, light middleweight and middleweight—Roberto "Hands of Stone" Duran is one of the most feared fighters in history, but who unfortunately will be remembered as much for his famous losses as any of his wins. Nonetheless, Charles is remembered as one of the greatest fighters ever in the higher weight divisions and was memorialized on a postage stamp and with a spot in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. A Nigerian native who emigrated to England and then the United States, Tiger was one of the most prolific fighters ever at Madison Square Garden. Division: Lightweight (135) to Middleweight (160), Record: 91-5-1 (185-19-10 including newspaper decisions). So without further ado, here are the top 100 … However, for those who knew, Langford was one of the greatest ever. Many people thought Walker could beat Sharkey in a title fight, but before that could happen, Schmeling won back his title, and in Walker's only heavyweight title fight, Schmeling's overwhelming size and strength advantages overwhelmed Walker. Today, #90-81 will be revealed. His brother is former heavyweight champ Leon Spinks - who once beat Ali, and won a world title in only his eighth fight (a record) - and he's the uncle of Cory Spinks, a present-day fighter and two-division champion in his own right. Langford beat Joe Gans, Battling Jim Johnson, Joe Jeanette and Philadelphia Jack O'Brien and drew Barbados Joe Walcott. He was an amazing groundbreaker and an American legend and is remembered as such today. Born in Panama, he later moved to France, where he struck up a love affair with Jean Cocteau, making him one of the few known homosexual boxers. Divisions: Junior Middleweight (154) to Heavyweight (200+). Napoles is a Mexican hero who held major victories over Billy Backus, Curtis Cokes and Emile Griffith. We’re really getting down to the home stretch here, as we count down among the most hallowed legends of boxing history. More Info: Twitter. 10 and Ring Magazine had him No. He would win fights against Jesus "Chucho" Castillo, Bobby Chacon and Jose Luis Ramirez. A slick, intelligent boxer, Ortiz was a trap setter adept at taking quality opponents into deep waters and finishing them off. Willie Pep. An American middleweight from Gary, Indiana, Tony Zale was nicknamed "Man of Steel" for his tough chin and resilient attitude. He vacated the title by fighting for the WBC's Super Featherweight title, which he won and held for another six years. Armstrong also defended the welterweight title 18 times (more than any other fighter) and came very close to winning the middleweight title—earning a draw in a title fight most thought Armstrong should have won. Tunney was Ring Magazine's 1926 and 1928 Fighter of the Year. If Ali was a flashy Cadillac, Frazier was a locomotive, with a somewhat counterintuitive rhythm but who kept moving forward with his head down with an "I think I can" style. 50: Andy Ruiz 49: Ray Mercer 48: Frank Bruno 47: Jack Sharkey 46: Paddy Ryan 45: David Tua 44: Ron Lyle 43: Gerry Cooney 42: Michael Spinks 41: Roy Jones Jr 40: Jerry Quarry 39: George Chuvalo 38: Henry Cooper 37: Harry Wills 36: Tommy Morrison 35: Ingemar Johansson 34: Jess Willard 33: Anthony Joshua 32: Deontay Wilder 31: Tyson Fury Notable victories include wins over Erik Morales, Johnny Tapia, Naseem Hamed, Agapito Sanchez and Rocky Juarez. To me, accuracy when making a Top 10/Top 100 all time list is extremely important. Sports Illustrated ranked him 49th on their list of the greatest fighters ever. can you use an answering machine with voip, test examen teorico de manejo costa rica 2021, descargar canticos delos testigos de jehova pdf, learners licence test questions and answers code 10, cpt code for pulmonary function test with methacholine, suffolk county civil service exams schedule, biology chapter 3 the biosphere vocabulary review answer key, the chemistry of life chapter 6 answer key. The 10 best boxers of all time according to BoxRec 3: MANNY PACQUIAO. Divisions: Featherweight (126), Super Featherweight (130). He left us with many of the greatest middleweight fights in the history of boxing. Divisions: Super Featherweight (130) to Middleweight (160). To be fair, most of his losses at heavyweight came in title fights against such boxers as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Zora Folley and Ernie Terrell. 8 in its list of the sport's 100 Greatest Punchers of All-Time. Heavyweight Ring career: 1897-1928 Record: 77-13-14 (48 KOs) and 19 no-decisions Career notes: First black heavyweight champion. His only world title was in the welterweight division, but he won European and British titles in several divisions and could be considered one of the first multi-division champions in boxing history. The 10 Greatest Mexican Boxers of All Time. 25 years of successful career and the grand Mexican triumph, his achievement is magnificent. 1 on all 30 ballots, he would have had a perfect score of 30. A two-time world middleweight champion, he is best remembered for twice beating Rocky Graziano in their famous trilogy. Some of them enlightened their names as the famous boxers in the ring, some of them became legend in the history book. Today, boxers #30-21 will be revealed. Speedy and clever, Leonard was frequently described as a "master." The 10 Greatest Boxing Nicknames. PART 10 OF MY 10 VIDEO SERIES COUNTING DOWN MY TOP 100 BOXERS OF ALL TIME. "Panama" Al Brown was a bantamweight who became the first Hispanic world champion. In developing this list, I examined films and clips of over 250 fights, historical boxing records, anecdotal accounts and other "greatest ever" lists, including those compiled by Ring magazine, ESPN and Bert Sugar. There was one man I wouldn't fight because I knew he would flatten me. Ring Magazine's 1927 Fighter of the Year had a lengthy reign as welterweight champion before moving up to middleweight and winning a title in that division. Ring ranked him No. In the early 90s, Tyson was considered as an unbeatable boxer who knocked out all the contenders who stood in front of him. 33 of all time, ahead of many famous names such as Sugar Ray Leonard. All in all, he would hold six titles, including joining Ross and Henry Armstrong as the only three boxers to ever hold two undisputed world titles simultaneously. French by birth, but born and raised in French Algeria, it took Cerdan many years to develop a large enough reputation to fight for a world title. Browse more videos. Born and raised in Mexico, Zarate fought in four divisions but only won a title in the bantamweight division, defending it 10 times. Divisions: Welterweight (147) to Heavyweight (200+). For that reason, it's obviously a very difficult list to compile, but nonetheless, was a very admirable estimate in 2003 of who some of the best punchers of all time are, regardless of weight. He held the middleweight title for 10 years, defending it a record 20 times, and is the only fighter to retain all four major governing body belts and the Ring title in the same fight—he did it twice. Some questioned his jaw, and he certainly had fragile hands, but Tommy Loughran was one of the best, and it wouldn't be unjustifiable to place him much higher on this list. Nonetheless, Mayweather has had an exceptional career, and hopefully this isn't the last we've seen of the chronically inactive fighter. From BoxRec. He held major wins at both light heavyweight and heavyweight over men such as Jack Sharkey, Max Baer, Jim Braddock (the "Cinderella Man"), Mickey Walker, George Carpentier and Harry Greb, several of whom are well-ranked on this list. At the request of his mother, Leonard retired in 1925 as a two-time champ who never lost in a championship bout (aside from a late-hit disqualification). He won the title by beating Jess Willard (who had defeated Jack Johnson) and lost it in 1926 to Gene Tunney. However, website has allowed football fans to, well, rank the best footballers of all-time. Gonzalez may be most famous to boxing fans for two of his matches that won Ring Magazine's Fight of the Year—against Michael Carbajal (whom he later defeated twice) in 1993 and Saman Sorjaturong in 1995. Moore became only the second person ever to knock down Marciano and was close on all scorecards before Marciano KO'd him in the ninth. The famous upset loss to Buster Douglas, the prison sentence, the losses to Holyfield and Lewis and the famous "ear" incident. He lost three of his next four fights against all-time greats but defeated Charles "Kid" McCoy (84th) by fifth-round KO. However, I think that approach undervalues heavier fighters. Willie Pep. The quintessential Mexican fighter, Chavez never possessed great speed but was a hard puncher and had an amazing chin, indomitable heart and an overwhelming will to win. Henry Armstrong is the only boxer ever to hold world titles in three weight divisions simultaneously and did so when there were only eight weight divisions in the sport. A 5'4" lightweight who was renowned for his footwork and excellent chin, Johnny Dundee is one of the winningest boxers of all time. In his career, "Tito" held big-time wins over countryman Hector "Macho" Camacho, Oscar De La Hoya, William Joppy and Ricardo Mayorga. Add Comment. Despite a blinding powder causing Clay to lose his vision for over a round, Ali emerged the clear victor when Liston quit in the corner. Divisions: Middleweight (160) to Heavyweight (200+). Tunney was in many ways a precursor to the low-hands, fast-feet style used by many talented boxers today. He skipped cruiserweight altogether—going from 174.5 lbs. He also held the United States Light Heavyweight title and is frequently mentioned as a top 20 heavyweight despite never weighing more than 170 pounds. He was the only person ever to beat Gene Tunney and also won against Battling Levinsky, Jack Dillon, Tommy Loughran and Mickey Walker. By Ralph Warner. Three years later, he returned out of a sense of obligation to defend his title against rapidly rising Filipino flyweight Pancho Villa (66th on this list) and after losing to Villa announced his final retirement in 1923. ROUND ONE: are you ready to face some of the richest boxers of all time in this Top 50 Richest Boxers list? Boxing is … Divisions: Light Welterweight (140) to Light Middleweight (154). He was a defensive, cautious but powerful fighter. Hard-hitting and relentless, Beau Jack was one of the most popular fighters of the wartime era. Division: Super Bantamweight (122) to Lightweight (135). He had 23 total title fights. No fighter ever won more 15-round world title fights by decision, and now that title fights are 12 rounds, Canto's record will probably never be broken. He was never able to beat Sammy Angott in their three bouts but defeated such legends as Maxie Shapiro, Lew Jenkins and Beau Jack. He defended his featherweight title 10 consecutive times and defeated Wilfredo Gomez (71st) and Azumah Nelson (89th) during this span. Image via Complex Original. The list establishes individual rankings of specific boxers and helps answer the question, "Who is the greatest boxer of all time? 2. Aside from his six titles, Chavez was also 1990's Ring Fighter of the Year and elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame as part of this year's 2011 class. He then died in a car crash on a weekend furlough in 1999, leaving behind a fractured legacy. Before winning the welterweight title, he rubbed powder on his face and told Tommy Ryan he was sick, lulling the great champion into a false sense of complacency. Without a doubt, the best boxer in the world in 2020 has some amazing achievements under his name. De La Hoya's six divisional world titles make him the only person who has even come close to matching Manny Pacquiao's record of winning world titles in eight weight divisions. A major showdown with Mayweather, a top middleweight like Sergio Martinez or Juan Manuel Marquez seems like the only way for Pacquiao to really enhance his credibility. Ranked by Nat Fleischer as the best featherweight of all time, and by Charley Rose as the greatest bantamweight, Terry McGovern was an exceptionally heavy puncher for his era, winning 44 of his bouts by KO. Tyson could have been one of the best ever, but poor choices and circumstances led him to simply being a great, but not all-time great, fighter. Universally regarded as one of the finest welterweights of all time, Griffith was a three-time titlist in the division and became the first fighter from the U.S. Virgin Islands to win a world title. The Ring Magazine listed Bob at No. This time, a repeated refrain was, I could do this again tomorrow and, except for the top few guys on my list, I might have a different order. All in all, Joe was victorious in 25 title defenses, a record for the heavyweight division. Ring''s Fighter of the Decade for the 1990s, Roy Jones Jr. set numerous records and was the undisputed pound for pound king around the turn of the century. Photo: He soon came extremely close to being the lightest man ever to win the heavyweight championship when he clearly outpointed Joe Louis for 12 rounds before foolishly going for a 13th-round knockout and getting knocked out himself. Only a few fights after becoming recognized as the bantamweight world champion (there were no official title belts at the time), he moved up to featherweight and officially defended his featherweight title dozens of times. Nicknamed "The Ghetto Wizard" because of his Jewish heritage, humble upbringing and boxing prowess, Benny Leonard was one of the first great pound for pound boxers. It's hard to believe, after all he has accomplished, that Erik Morales is only 34 years old. But in the end, a consensus emerged. Between losses, Whitaker embarked on an astounding 26-fight unbeaten streak, winning seven world titles in three weight divisions and winning 20 title fights against such foes as Ramirez, Azumah Nelson, Jorge Paez and twice against James "Buddy" McGirt. "The Gentleman of Boxing," Floyd Patterson helped pave the way for many high-profile black heavyweights who followed him. Ralph is a former associate editor at Complex. Division-By-Division - The Greatest Fighters of All-Time. "The Manassa Mauler" Jack Dempsey was an aggressive, hard-hitting American boxer who held the world heavyweight title for an astounding seven years between 1919 and 1926. As selected by The Ring magazine in various years. Divisions: Lightweight (135) to Light Heavyweight (175). His next match with Leonard would be his most famous, when he quit in the eighth round, saying, "I don't want to fight with this clown." A former Olympic gold medalist, Pascual Perez became the first Argentinian world champion, holding the world flyweight title for six years between 1954 and 1960. Powerful, quick, awkward and aggressive, he was a treat to watch. A neck injury from a motorcycle crash greatly affected his career, and from then on he lost a lot more fights than he won. Ring's 1980 Fighter of the Year, he held some version of the heavyweight championship from the late '70s through the mid 1980s but still doesn't get the respect his impressive career deserves. Also Read: Top … Born in Pentwyn Deintyr in Wales, Wilde's skill eventually allowed him to fight his way out of the UK, and finally, in his 121st bout, with a record of 117-1-2, he won the world flyweight title. 4 months ago. His career remains one of the great unanswered questions in boxing history. What is there to say about Ali that hasn't already been said? Ranked as a top 10 fighter in his division from 1940-61, Moore (184-24-10) is boxing's all-time knockout king (130). Jump to:navigation, search. There is a large subset of boxing fans (albeit mostly Italian-Americans) who will tell you Rocky Marciano is the greatest boxing champion ever. Divisions: Minimumweight (105), Light Flyweight (108), Flyweight (112). Some feel he was unjustly robbed of a light heavyweight title reign. The self-proclaimed "Greatest," Ali made a pretty strong case for himself earning that nickname. An all-time great Japanese fighter, Masahiko "Fighting" Harada was a three-time champion in the flyweight and bantamweight divisions, including two titles he held for three straight years. He is considered, along with Carlos Zarate of Mexico, as one of the two greatest knockout punchers in the sub-lightweight divisions. He endured constant beatings as a child and grew up to become heavyweight champion of the world between 1962 and 1964 after knocking out Floyd Patterson (No. Heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey (who appears soon on this list) said it best when he said, "The hell I feared no man. He fought for 20 years but recorded most of his losses later in his career. Divisions: Super Bantamweight (122) to Light Welterweight (140). 1. What we do know about him is that he won consistently against quality opposition, including the great Jimmy Wilde (later on this list). A 5'1" Mexican boxer, he defended his title 15 times. I would also like boxers from Europe to be researched. His fight against Sugar Shane Mosley won't gain him any new admirers, but as long as he keeps winning, his legacy will continue to grow. Among them were victories over Bobby Chacon, Alfredo Escalera, Jim Watt and Ray Mancini. It raises a significant question in compiling all-time greats lists: How do you rank an undefeated fighter in the all-time rankings? However, in 1956, Moore was Rocky Marciano's final opponent and gave the undefeated Italian-American one of the fights of his life. 63 of his 66 victories came by knockout. Forced to fight by relatives at an early age, he turned pro at 19 and moved up the ranks quickly. He surely deserves his place among the top 10 greatest boxers of all time. He retired in 1972 but remains popular with his countrymen and boxing fans in general. Post by elmersalsa » 30 May 2019, 05:09. A neck injury from a motorcycle crash greatly affected his career, and from then on he lost a lot more fights than he won. During one of their sparring scenes, Zale got rough with Newman and knocked him out and was subsequently replaced. Because of inconsistent records and practices during his day, it's hard to develop a complete picture of McGovern's dominance, but both ESPN and Bert Sugar ranked him as the 30th greatest fighter of all time. Best known for his wins over Dick Tiger, Nino Benvenuti and Luis Manuel Rodriguez, Griffith was not a particularly powerful puncher but had his way with opponents through his masterful strategy. Huge early KOs of Michael Spinks (82nd), Frank Bruno, Larry Holmes, Pinklon Thomas and Trevor Berbick. A Baltimore-born fighter described by Nat Fleischer as the greatest lightweight ever, Joe Gans (a newspaper typo that caught on—his real name was Joe Gant) was the first ever African-American boxing champion, and an impressive one at that. Known as "The Golden Rooster," Eder Jofre was a superb Brazilian bantamweight and featherweight who won 72 fights and lost to only one opponent—Fighting Harada, on two occasions. But Conn kept up his fighting form and appeared in movies later. Monzon was also an out of this world boxer that gets ignored and deserves to be at least in the top 20 of all time. Forced into early retirement due to injuries from a car accident at age 30, Saddler later became a trainer and even helped train George Foreman. He fought admirably but lost both by seventh round knockout and retired after the Sorjaturong bout. He defended his title against many top fighters but drank excessively, stayed up late and crashed several motorcycles and cars. He is the only heavyweight champion to retire undefeated and the greatest undefeated fighter in boxing history.

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